Monday, April 14, 2014

Cocktails For Beginners

Not everybody knows what to order when they are hanging out at wine house or bars. Especially for those people who are not really into alcoholic drinks. You may be ended up flipping through the beverage menu from front to back and still puzzling what kind of cocktail should order. Most of the names seems so strange to you. You started wondering what kind of liquid is that with the name "Sex and the Beach".
I normally recommend my friend to order Screwdriver. This cocktail is a mix of vodka and orange juice. Sometimes the bartender will add a few drop of lemon or lime juice to make this drink tastier. This cocktail is very beginner friendly and I am sure orange juice is most people favorite.
Another popular drink is Gin Tonic. This cocktail is a mix of very simple recipe - Gin and tonic water. What a bartender will do is pour one pack of Gin into a glass. Follow by putting some ice cubes into it. And fill up the glass with tonic water. A slice of lemon or lime will be added or use as garnish. This cocktail is very popular among the ladies.
One of my favorite cocktail is Tequila Sunrise. This drink is a mix of Tequila, orange juice and grenadine syrup. It tastes sweet and smooth. I always names this cocktail my happy drink because it seems like a perfect drink for leisure and happy hours. You should try it out if you have chance.
Enjoy a cocktail is fun and relaxing especially when you are with a group of friends or your love one. However, while we are having a fun night out we should know where our limit is. Remember to enjoy your drink with responsibility. Cheers!
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